Just because you are forced into going, hate it the whole time you’re there and just want to go back to your dorm/apartment to take a nice long nap does not mean that dressing for class should be as sad as going to class itself. You don’t want to show up to class looking like you just rolled out of bed, while on the other hand you don’t want to look like you’re about to go out.

This Fashionista has found the perfect balance between a cute and casual look that is sure to snag the attention of that cute stud in the back of your Psychology 101 class. This Fashionista is also killing the grunge look without looking like she’s homeless, with the button-down flannel but with a flirty and feminine element added with the heeled boots and the accent of the socks. The simple color scheme keeps the outfit on the casual side and keeps it from becoming too much.

Also with going with a more neutral color for her shoe, she also got to play up the fun of her outfit with the bright colored flannel and the playful scarf. She can prance to class knowing that heads will be turning.

One Simple Change: Want to adapt this super cute look for going on a hot date night? Easy, just play up those long legs with a cute nude heel. The neutrality of the heels works the same way as the neutral palette heeled boots letting the outfit pop, and dressing up the outfit will be perfect when you’re going to catch up with your man.