Classes are starting up again this semester and the frigid air and blowing snow makes it harder to go to classes. Not only is it hard to go to classes, but it’s hard to find a fashionable outfit that is also comfortable for a day packed full of lectures.

This Fashionista was spotted dressed to impress despite the cold, Illinois weather. She took a simple outfit and made it her own by adding small details that really pop! I found this Fashionista on her way to class and the first things that caught my eyes were the cheetah gloves. It was such a stylish way to take on the cold.

Other key elements included her bracelets, scarf and colored jeans. The fashionable scarf added contrasting colors that complimented the outfit. This really made the outfit stand out to me. She tied it all together by matching the black accents in the scarf to the black shirt. The top sparkled with gold accents and was my personal favorite piece of the look. The outfit was stylish and comfortable, exactly what you need on those long, winter days to get you through your 8 a.m. lectures.

The final touch? With snow covering the ground, boots are a necessity when walking to classes. This Fashionista perfectly incorporated boots with her outfit to also make it functional. The key elements to an outfit for class? Style, comfort and functionality.

One Simple Change: Going out for a date or a girls’ night? Add some pumps and exchange the scarf for a gold statement necklace to add to the glitz and glam of nightlife.