Since the cool weather has arrived here in Houston, many Fashionistas/os are left in the dark on how to dress appropriately. Lately, it seems like Houston goes through arctic conditions and Sahara Desert-like weather in the same week. With that, Fashionistas/os are required to layer their clothing or wear breathable yet still warm fabrics, all while still being on a college student’s budget.

This Fashionisto is going to his class through a windy campus, so he makes sure to have enough layers on to fight the hurricane force winds, but still keep cool in class where the heater might be on. His half-zip black sweater is a basic and versatile piece that any Fashionisto should own. Besides during the summer, when can you not wear a black sweater? This Fashionisto is also wearing a nice and subdued plaid scarf. Although the scarf is the standout piece in his outfit, it still minimal enough not to take away from other parts of his outfit. Overall, this Fashionisto created a stylish and effortless look by pairing some simple basics that makes him look like he just landed from San Francisco.

One Simple Change: Are you living in weather too cold to bare? First of all, I am sorry. Secondly, you should try adding a beanie and a topcoat when the cold weather hits. Not only can both items keep you warm when Mother Nature is not being very nice, but they also give you more opportunities to make your outfit pop. The moral of the story: keep layering until you can’t layer anymore.