It’s the time to stroll through the hallways carefree because it’s syllabus week, and there’s not a lot to worry about. Everyone comes back from break looking their best, ready to catch the eye of the transfer student or make a good impression on professors. How do you dress trendy but make sure you don’t overdo it?

This Fashionista was caught going to class dressed in the perfect outfit for the winter. The outfit is cute and casual. The navy blue crop sweater and matching tights shows how ready she was to come to class this morning because it flows so naturally. Adding the collared shirt underneath the cropped sweater with the pearl necklace makes her look preppy, but fun. The cognac-colored boots pull the look together because the rich neutral color complements the dark tones of the outfit. This look is perfect for going to class and going for coffee after class with friends.

Fur, whether it’s faux or real, is the biggest trend we see resurface each winter season. This time, fur is being worn in different styles outside of the fur vest. Here, this Fashionista sports a fur maroon skirt and matches it with the deep, rich color of navy blue. Fur is a fun item to wear because it’s different, and not many people are daring enough to try it, so it’s sure to make you stand out. You have to be sure not to pair this item with another over the top item because then it will look like there is too much going on. The fur skirt will look best if paired with a solid color, which can be light or dark. Be sure not to pair it with a crazy patterned shirt or blouse, and only wear patterned shirts if the pattern is subtle.

Take a cue from this Fashionista to mix up your wardrobe and demand the attention of the classroom the right way.

One Simple Change: Your coffee date with friends after class just got switched to dinner plans. Add on a neutral-colored wool coat for the perfect evening look.