A new semester means a new start! With snow sticking on the ground and flurries in the air, getting out of bed might seem like a struggle. Being in my third semester at MSU has taught me that making a good first impression with a new professor or a cute boy or girl in my calculus can add to the stress. While dressing in those new heeled boots you got over the holidays might seem like the most logical answer, putting on your second best flat boots might prevent the foreseen and cliche slip and fall in front of the entire room.

This Fashionisto took the perfect approach on dressing casual, cozy and weather appropriate. His choice of a classic striped button-up with a simple cardigan on top is the perfect amount of layers to look put together without any items getting in the way of learning. To keep things organized, this Fashionisto uses an old laptop case to carry his essentials. This transformation gives easy access to a novel or pen without the hassle of a backpack.

Remember these notes from this Fashionisto: wear layers, weather appropriate shoes and always feel comfortable. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a fantastic start to the semester.

One Simple Change: Are you pumped to be back cheering at sporting events? Start off right by tailgating in your school colors. Swap out the simple cardigan with one that sports your schools logo, and throw on your favorite sneakers so you can run, jump or challenge someone to a cartwheel!