What is just as important as the first day of a new semester? The outfit you wear to your first day of class, of course! We all know that first impressions are everything. The first day of class is the most important day to put thought into your outfit and let your personality shine through!

This Fashionista has a very fun, yet casual and comfy style. This look is perfect for our unpredictable Los Angeles weather. This Fashionista noted that her top style priority is comfort, especially for school. However, she still cares about looking presentable. Oversized sweaters are one of her favorite fashion staples. This Fashionista mentioned that likes them because they are cute and non-constricting, so she can move freely and comfortably from class to class. There’s nothing better than a cozy, oversized sweater to get through a long day of school. In this look, she effortlessly tucks the sweater into her skirt.

How can you miss her awesome shoes? This Fashionista also mentioned that loves to add pops of color to her outfits, so these pink Dr. Martens are the perfect statement piece! They are also a great representation of her quirky, bubbly personality. Staying true to yourself and letting your personality reflect through your style is a great way to start off the semester!

One Simple Change: Although her outfit is great for daytime, it can easily translate to an outfit for a night out. To take this look from a long day at school to going out to a casual dinner and movie, a simple change would be to add a colorful scarf or a statement ring.