Winter break is coming to a close and thus begins a new semester of college. Starting a new semester can be extremely stressful between finding classes, adjusting to new professors and mustering the motivation to wake up early every day. On top of this pressure, the first days of class are crucial in laying the foundations for the rest of your semester. It’s important to be outgoing and reach out to others; you never know whose notes you’ll need to borrow later on.

It’s also imperative to dress and look your best. First impressions are of the utmost importance, especially in social situations. Personally, one of the hardest issues I face during the winter is motivating myself to dress nicely for class despite the freezing cold temperatures. Instead of succumbing to the gloomy winter days, I like to dress in bright, happy colors and accessorize with cute scarves and gloves.

This Fashionista does a great job of staying warm while looking fabulous. Pairing a crop top with matching colorful skinny jeans, this Fashionista manages to look lively and vibrant despite the dreary weather. Adding a neutral scarf and gloves tie the whole look together, creating a perfect outfit for the first day of class. The bright lipstick is also a great accessory! This look demands attention without being overbearing. Don’t let winter win; stay snug and stylish!

One Simple Change: To make the look a little more fancy or to go from day to night, try adding a bright peacoat. Peacoats are elegant and fitting, but still casual.