It’s finally that time of the semester again…classes are beginning at Spelman College.  Why not look both cute and comfortable starting the semester? Getting prepared for classes, buying new books for school and finding the perfect outfit for those long hours in the library can be crucial. This Fashionista is both trendy and seasonal in her outfit choice.

She keeps it fun and funky in her oversized loose sleeve jersey knit gray sweater. This is both comfy and cute for hitting the books. The geometric print pink, black and white scarf she pairs her top with adds a little pop to her overall look. Scarves add the perfect touch to any ensemble while keeping you warm on any given fall day.

This Fashionista keeps it simple with her leather white lace up combat boots and acid wash jeans. This is a perfect combo for endless walks from the library to the coffee shop.  Jeans are the best way to keep comfortable without having to wear your sweats all day in fear of falling asleep during the test.  It is always nice to feel your best during the first major exam of the year and that can mean looking your best too.

She accessorizes with a small cute silver bracelet, which adds just the right touch of chic. Keep it simple, comfortable and cute when heading to a semester full of late nights and fun-filled!

One Simple Change:  Add a black leather jacket with black combat boots to transform from a final to a night in town with the girls!