We all can agree that sleeping is a college student’s favorite thing to do in those precious moments of spare time. From pulling all-nighters Monday through Friday to those terrible 8:00 a.m. classes, hitting the snooze button feels more and more appealing. So what happens when you oversleep and you’re running late? You head straight for your leggings, oversized shirt and Nike running shoes. Getting ready for class doesn’t have to be an extensive process and can be done in under five minutes. This Fashionista, who is a biology major at University of North Texas, is no stranger to having long days and pulling all-nighters. This Fashionista uses staple pieces to create an effortless, yet fashionable look.

Upon meeting this Fashionista, the first thing that caught my attention was the way her neutral colors complimented her beautiful red hair. Here in Texas the “winter” weather has been unpredictable. One day it’s cold the next it feels like a warm spring day. This Fashionista’s cream colored sweater dress is perfect for the warm winter weather and easy to throw on when running late for class. Dresses also give the illusion that you spent a lot of time getting ready when really it only took you a few minutes. To make this look more casual, she added a classic light wash chambray shirt. Then she added a classic FRAAS plaid scarf that seams the use of neutral colors together, while the red accent adds a nice pop of color. To finish this look, she added a comfy pair of Steve Madden combat boots that make walking through campus much easier.

Even the busiest of college students can put a comfortable, stylish outfit together before starting the day. Cozy and casual looks can be created in a matter of minutes, in-between grabbing coffee and notes for class, of course. Having signature accessories can also add depth to an outfit while still providing a truly effortless look. The next time you wake up late and have to cut your morning routine short, be sure to put on a favorite item or two. You might just put on the best outfit you never knew you had.

One Simple Change: With your schedule in mind, you may be able to pull off a look that can get you through classes, meetings, or even an interview. By simply switching out the combat boots for a stylish heel or a cute flat cute flat. Take your classroom chic to professional in just one step.