January 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Before us college students could even soak in the freedom of winter break, spring semester has approached us. With a new semester comes much excitement, but it also comes with the early classes that are notoriously hard to wake up for. Whether it’s at 8:00 a.m. or noon, it is always far too early, but us Fashionistas/os never let that stop us from using fashion as our strongest tool of expression. What I always do to make class a little bit easier to wake up for is throw on one of my favorite outfits, so that way I feel good about myself and have a positive attitude about the day. It’s always important to do this to ensure you’ll be in a good mood, while still staying comfortable and casual.

This Fashionisto’s outfit contains all the essentials needed for class. He’s comfortable, casual and trendy; which will guarantee him to feel awesome during his long day of classes. His joggers are my favorite part of the outfit because they display his personal style and are also on-trend. Not to mention, they’re comfortable, which makes them an ideal option to wear while sitting in a long class. His are specifically from J.Crew, but you can find cool joggers like these in virtually any store right now. Sneakers pair effortlessly with these pants and are always the most relaxed decision for class. This Fashionisto made sure to rock his favorite Vans with this outfit.

The elbow pads on his sweater add a preppy touch, and are a nice detail for an otherwise muted look. The watch not only adds extra detail to the look, but also gives him the ability to be able to quickly check the time during class. To finish off the look, he added a quirky, patterned snapback, which made the outfit more personal and fun. Being that this Fashionisto has a photography minor, the camera was a perfect touch.

This Fashionisto did a great job of mixing both preppy and skater styles. The vibe of his outfit is fun, unique and extremely appropriate for a day of classes.

One Simple Change: Your class ends and your friends want to go grab lunch off-campus at a cool new café, but it’s a little colder out now. Throw on a thick, worn-in denim jacket to keep yourself warm while still going with the style of the look. Now this will double as a fun (and warmer) outfit for getting food with friends.