Stressing about what to wear in this weather? De-stress with some distressed denim.

Dressing for the time in between winter and spring can be tricky, especially when it’s 40 degrees during your morning class and 65 after lunch. How are you supposed to look fab without freezing in the a.m. or sweating like you just ran a marathon in the afternoon?

Enter: the transition pieces.

Transition pieces will carry you from the chill of winter right into the warmth of spring.

This Fashionista pulled together the perfect ensemble for the unpredictable month of March. A mock-neck, black and white striped T-shirt is classic and cool. She paired the fitted top with some high-waisted, distressed trousers. The faded green color give the ankle pants an alternative ’80s feel that Molly Ringwald would probably vibe with.

Black leather motorcycle boots complement the tailored pants. They also pair nicely with dresses and skirts for an unexpected twist on an otherwise feminine outfit. She threw her essentials into a tan shoulder bag that looks like a new take on the briefcase: one fit for a girl boss, perhaps.

Finally, a baseball cap and oversize parka give off vibes of collegiate cool, adding to the subtle ’80s aesthetic of the look. Just add a cavalier expression and John Hughes will be signing you for his next cinematic production of adolescent angst in no time.

Take a cue from this Fashionista’s transition pieces to make it through the strange weather between winter and spring. Transition pieces such as distressed trousers and motorcycle boots will help you mix and match outfits to fit the forecast.