The middle of the week for college students is usually the worst. We are tired, drowning in work and counting down the minutes till the weekend. Because of the mid-week struggle, it may seem difficult to dress your best. Putting on sweats five minutes before class may seem like your best option, but this Fashionista showed us that you can be both cute and comfortable!

This Fashionista is a New York native and you can definitely tell. She’s always seen in denim and sneakers, something I feel like is common in NYC. Her outfit is a quick and cool alternative to those old sweats you wanted to put on.

Her glasses are extremely trendy. Whether you wear them as an accessory or as a necessity, putting them on could add a laid-back vibe to your outfit. Her flannel is oversize and acid-washed, two elements that I am in love with. A flannel is a great option when you have limited time to get ready and/or you’re struggling to find something to wear. Just layer it over your favorite T-shirt, and you’re set! She paired the T-shirt and flannel with black jeans. Black jeans are a better option than leggings because they are less casual and are more versatile. Finally, her shoes are perfect for this look. I personally believe that everyone should own one pair of white sneakers. They go with practically everything, so they are especially easy to throw on in a rush. Another great thing about this outfit is this Fashionista’s choice of colors. By sticking to mostly black and white, her flannel stands out. Whether she had only five minutes to get ready or woke up early, she looks put together and ready for a day of classes!