Well, it’s that time of year where winter break is coming to an end and classes are back in session for the spring semester. While we’re not too excited to get back to our busy homework schedules, it’s fun to see a new season’s street style around campus. In the winter, it’s important to make sure our fashion-forward ensembles also keep us warm—at least if you go to school in a colder location.

This Fashionista is dressed perfectly for class in this comfy but cool winter outfit. In this classic look she pairs a white sweater with a men’s Levi’s denim jacket. Men’s jackets tend to fit a little bigger to give you that perfect oversized look. Keeping with the neutral color palette, this Fashionista is also wearing black denim and black booties with a low heel, which are comfortable enough for walking around campus. Her Madewell tote is the perfect bag for carrying all her class essentials. It’s large and sturdy and comes in a few colors in a beautiful leather fabric. Not to mention, it’s a stylish high-quality bag that can be used for other occasions as well. To elevate this simple look, this Fashionista accessorizes with layering necklaces, bracelets, and a watch to add some color.

Overall, this is the perfect class ensemble. The choker and denim jacket keep the outfit on-trend; the sweater, jeans, and booties keep this Fashionista comfortable while walking around campus; and her leather tote keeps her prepared but fashionable. Stay warm out there Fashionista/os!