Waking up early to pick out an outfit will only remind you of your regrets for signing up for that 8 a.m.. Investing in some basic pieces can help alleviate the pressure to put together an outfit every morning and instead help to kickstart your semester while looking your best.

This Fashionista pairs her herringbone vest by layering a dark, grey, long sleeve turtleneck under a quilted white sweater. A look like this is perfect for the classroom. She takes basic pieces most people can find in their closet and by mixing them together she creates the perfect, preppy, class outfit. Layering is great for a class setting because it is an easy way to be stylish, yet comfy.

Her large kate spade tote holds all supplies necessary both on and off campus. She emphasizes the gold lettering and hardware on her bag by accessorizing with a gold crystal necklace and gold bangles. These pieces help to pop the gold detailing on her vest. It can be hard to draw the line between too many or too little accessories, especially when going to class. Adding simple embellishments helps to bring the outfit together without over-accessorizing.

Cuffing your clothes is an easy way to help break up different pieces and adds an extra flair while putting little effort in. By cuffing her long sleeve over her sweater, the turtleneck pops a bit more and ties the colors together. She too cuffs her pants to make them have a slight cropped look to them.

Cropped pants are a great way to show a little skin in the winter and help to emphasize the cut of this Fashionista’s boots. They lengthen her legs and add a fun flair to the typical skinny jeans look.