Walking in a winter wonderland is a far stretch from reality when you live on a college campus. The cold, the snow and the wind chill make walking around campus feel like walking through the tundra. In order to stay warm and avoid windburn, it’s important to wear lots of layers. You want to avoid wearing non-removable layers because once you are in the classroom, it tends to get a little toasty . The easiest way to avoid overheating is to layer up with removable accessories such as a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

This Fashionista has mastered the art of layering. She knows how to have her clothing drape nicely and not look bulky. The parka coat helps keep the body insulated while still remaining stylish. Under the coat, the Fashionista wore a plaid blanket wrap over a crochet sweater. The layers she wore are practical because once she gets inside she can immediately take off the coat, while later if she decides to she can also remove the blanket wrap and still have her sweater on. The winter headband and fur mittens are feminine and fun, while the Dr. Martens bring a little edge to the look.

Go into your Reminders app on your smart phone and take note: be warm and fashionable, not warm and sloppy. There is a way to look cute in the frigid cold and still be cozy and warm. This year there is a wide variety of warm accessories for every fashion stye. There are classy whimsical, girly chic and urban grunge just to name a few style examples. Find some warm accessories that really speak to you and #treatyoself. Maybe Santa Baby will even bring you something if you ask for it.