Chilly December is here, and what is a better way to enjoy the upcoming holidays than by getting cozy? Going to class these last few weeks, it may seem hard to really plan out some cute, yet comfortable outfits. Luckily, this cozy outfit can be perfect for any Fashionista. It is perfect for those chilly pre-exam review days.

In the morning before class, the perfect shirt to grab if you are nearing the end of the semester is a basic T-shirt or basic sweater. This Turtleneck is perfect for class around this time of year because it can create a simple, chic look, but there is also a time it can be spruced up with a cardigan, some jewelry or a cute hat. The jeans are a simple, comfortable and cute option but could easily be replaced with some leggings or comfy pants. The jeans make the look appear effortless, but still chic. The look can be paired with a cute short boot or Dr. Martens that makes it easy and fun and ties the look together. This outfit can be changed and switched up perfectly for the Fashionista’s style, regardless of the season. Anyone can rock their 8:30 a.m. class in this and still feel warm and comfortable while they do it.

With the cold December days, layering up with warm accessories and sweaters is essential. By adding some long socks, a hat or a scarf to this look, and Fashionista can make the walk to lunch or a friends dorm warmer and much cozier.