Every day from Monday to Friday, we wake up in the morning to face another day at school. Oops, let me go back. Before that, we actually stand face-to-face with our wardrobe while trying to come up with another idea for a stylish outfit for school. Every morning is the same, we are too tired to think creatively and to dress up. We just want to wear whatever, but still look amazing; comfy, but still look professional.

Culottes are not only a popular trend in fashion nowadays, but also a perfect solution to these morning struggles. They are loose pants, but they look like a longer skirt–comfort and professionalism at school: check!

This Fashionista keeps her outfit very comfy and classy, just how we all love it! Adding a patterned, cropped shirt to plain, white culottes really makes her outfit more vivid. Then, putting on a pair of strappy sandals on is always a great idea because who has time in the morning to lace up sneakers or look for perfect heels when in a rush to school? It is all about getting there on time and handing everything in before the deadlines.

And, of course, the students’ most important item–a backpack, which is super useful to carry everything around while not damaging your back. I love how this Fashionista paired her clothing with a black leather backpack that ties the whole outfit together and will never go out of style.

Lesson learned? Always make your studying and learning fashionable!