As we welcome the cold weather and endless days and nights spent studying, the most exciting part of this time of the year is the fall fashion and all its new trends. For most of the students at Towson University this season means break out the hoodies and sweatpants for class! Personally, I often struggle to find motivation to dress up if it requires wearing anything more than a T-shirt. This Fashionista nailed this casual class look while still managing to stay warm in this pre-winter weather.

One of the most obvious trends of the fall season are oversized sweaters and jumpers. This Fashionista channeled her inner summer by wearing a pastel purple sweater and a ripped pair of jeans. A casual fun sweater is just one of the ways you can keep an outfit looking bold but still appropriate for a day filled with classes.

If you’re worried about the inconvenience of sporting tight jeans all day, this look can easily be dressed down to be made even more comfortable by switching out jeans for a dark pair of leggings. The great thing about this sweater weather is the fact that there can be so many different combinations of pants and shoes for the look you are trying to achieve. This Fashionista chose a pair of white sneakers to keep the look casual and comfy when walking to school yet went the extra step and added a necklace and earrings with a chic tote bag.

Take a tip from this fall Fashionista by staying comfortable and warm for the months to come with this simple and completely affordable look while preparing for your classes!