With classes in full swing, there have been masses of students rushing around campus. One of the things that stood out to me about this Fashionista’s outfit was the details in it. Although this was her outfit for class and to study in throughout the entire day, the details make it stand out among regular student outfits that often consists of a comfy combination of sweatpants, hoodies and leggings.

This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of black pants that are casual and comfortable enough for class but can easily be transformed. In addition, this Fashionista wore a simple and printed polka dot blouse that is a bold color but not too outrageous. This simplicity fits perfectly once you see the intricate lace detail on the back of this Fashionista’s sweater. This piece is the real show-stopper: simple and neutral enough to be easily paired with almost anything, but detailed enough to add pizzazz to any outfit.

Although this Fashionista’s accessories are minimal, they fit perfectly with this detailed outfit. The red gem earrings give just enough of a contrast and sparkle to the outfit, while the headband gives the look a fun, youthful twist (and can even help keep your face fresh during your workout later in the day)!

For one simple change in your look, I’ve recommend a quick, but fashion, study break. From casual to interview chic, just pack a pair of black heels and a blazer in your bag to perfect this as a business casual look. Your future employer will be impressed!