Going to class is probably one of the low points of college for many people. A lot of times we wake up late and throw on whatever cute outfit we can make in less than five minutes. Other times, though, we find that perfect look for class: something trendy but still comfortable.

Walking back from a study group with some friends, I spotted this lovely Fashionista on her way from class. When going to lecture halls or science labs, being trendy is probably not a high priority for most people. This Fashionista managed to take a classic look and rock it with her own personal style.

This Fashionista is wearing a very simple outfit, which is ideal for a long day of classes. Her base is entirely black, and although black is always chic, the high point of her look is the contrast. It is finally feeling like fall here and people are breaking out their lightweight jackets. This utility jacket is definitive of the season. It is a neutral army green that nicely complements nearly any color. She pairs it with a bright white scarf and the two colors pop against the black background. This scarf is the perfect weight for walking outside in early fall. It doesn’t cling to her neck, but instead just drapes over her shoulders, acting mostly as an accessory.

Another highlight of this outfit is the strappy ankle booties. They are simple but have a lot of intrigue. The straps have an interesting woven pattern, which is unique and interesting. Shoes like this are nice for class because they are subtle and cute, but the flat heel keeps it comfortable. Not to mention, the faux leather will be warm and keep the rain out.

One final detail in this look is her Alex and Ani bangles. These charm bracelets have been around for a while and they still draw attention to every wrist they adorn. The brassy finish of hers complement the green jacket nicely. These bangles are subtle but often conversation starters.

This Fashionista knows how to rock an average day in class. She keeps it simple and comfortable while also grabbing attention as she walks with these fall inspired garments over a black base.