Happy fall semester my fellow Fashionistas/os! While we are enjoying the first few moments of fall, we must face the semester head-on with amazing style and lots of coffee. The first month of classes is usually a prime time street style opportunity for us bloggers because students still have time to focus on what they wear. Lucky for me, Philadelphia University’s street style is RAD all year long… BUT it’s only because we have mastered a ‘comfortable chic.’ As the excessive caffeine intake begins, we must remember that comfortable fashion is incredibly attainable for any college student.

This Fashionista is sporting black-on-black with a cropped graphic T-shirt and a below the knee pencil skirt. She ties her printed T-shirt in a trendy center knot which truly recreates a simple shirt. Let me just mention that this outfit is ALL COTTON. Philadelphia University students, once again, showing us that your outfit can be a 10 as well as your comfort level.  This student is also wearing a pair of black sneakers and over the ankle socks.  Dressing down the shoes makes for a laid-back, yet incredibly chic look that is ideal for class. Accessorizing is also just as important for these comfortable looks. This Fashionista rocks a nude purse and choker chain. This look, although bold and black, is complemented with simple hair and makeup. This look by day is casual and comfortable for class, but can easily be dressed up for a night out with a pair of heels. Staying comfortable for class whether it’s beginning, middle or end of the semester can always be done in a stylish way.