Hey there Fashionistas! Fall is for sure here and that means that we can start bringing the fun fall colors to the classroom! Deciding what to wear to class can be really difficult sometimes when you are trying to show off your style, but also be very comfy. When it comes to this, it is all about having those unique articles of clothing in your closet.

This outfit just screams fall fashion to me and I love it! It is centered around a brown color scheme with a pop of blue, which balances well together.

When going to class, it is always important to wear something that is comfortable for you in any temperature. In this case, wearing a striped t-shirt is the best way to go. It is comfy and shows off a little pattern in the outfit.

Another super comfy option to wear to class would be some joggers. Joggers are very hard to pull off sometimes, but when paired with something simple, like a t-shirt, you can pull off the outfit easily! These are also very comfortable in terms of temperature. You will never feel too cold or too warm when wearing these.

Lastly, the accessories! One of the most important things when going to class is the bag. This fringe bag is perfect for acting as a purse or as a backpack. This fringe purse is super cute and sensible for any occasion and it is super cute for fall fashion! Along with the purse, the shoes are perfect for going to class! Some simple outdoor ankle boots to wear with the joggers are a perfect match!

I hope this helps you figure out something new, yet comfortable to wear to class!