If you’ve ever had an 8:00 am class you may be well aware of the dilemma between trying to throw together a decent outfit so early in the morning or just roll out of bed and rock that hoodie and sweatpants look as best as you can.

Luckily, having a few black pieces of clothing in your closet can save you so much time in your morning routine because black goes with anything and everything. Personally I think it’s the only color you can fully dress in head to toe without looking too flamboyant. The trick about black clothes is learning how to mix and match these pieces to make the most out of your closet. For example, you can pair black leggings with a basic black T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and a leather jacket or you can go with a black dress, booties and that same leather jacket. You’ve already created two different looks with a only few simple pieces.

This Fashionista I passed by after school wore the perfect example of a simple black on black outfit. I thought it not only worked well for this season but she also looked so cool and comfortable in this look. Since it’s fall, deep earthy tones and dark pigments are prominent in fashion and this Fashionista nailed it by sticking to the darkest shade there is. She paired a black velvet skirt with a basic long sleeved top, a suede Moto jacket, tights and ankle boots that gave off a very edgy vibe. It didn’t look like she took longer than ten minutes to put it all together. So basically if you’re ever in doubt, wearing black can really save you some time and it’s definitely a staple color to have in your closet year round.