As the hot summer air turns into brisk, autumn wind, finding outfits is an exciting yet daunting task. You never know whether your class has air conditioning or if it’s going to be boiling hot. If the rule of wearing white after labor day is really a hard rule, well this Fashionista decided to break it. She shattered it actually, and the styling that went on behind it made it the risk worth it. It’s hard to break the typical sweatshirt, yoga pants and a strong black coffee in hand ritual that almost every girl on campus has. You can change just a couple of things and boom—you’re a Fashionista.

What drew my attention first to this Fashionista’s outfit was this amazing, soft pink leather jacket. The color of it was so wonderful, so soft and worked perfectly for the beginning of fall. Fall colors tend to be darker, such as burgundy, browns and olive greens. Starting the season off with this light pink really allowed her to hold on to the touch of summer in the air. She paired it with a simple white tank top underneath, really brightening up the look, as well as some white pants.

The best part about this outfit is you can do so much with it in later looks. Styling it with some olive greens and some ripped jeans instantly brings a much more fall feel to the look, really allowing this jacket to work in all months of the season.

This Fashionista accessorized perfectly, really emphasizing the current trend, chokers. This choker is thicker, metallic and such a wonderful rose gold. Really playing with all of the pink tones in the outfit, it really makes the choker pop. She paired it with a simple silver bar necklace, allowing there to be a little bit more to look at. A rose gold watch and rings were added, allowing the look to sparkle and shine. She loved playing with this light pink and decided to finish the look off with some amazing salmon reptile sneakers.

Overall, this look is very versatile; mixing different colors with this jacket and choker can really allow you to re-wear this look many times.