It is officially fall and things are getting chilly pretty quick! Fashionistas across the world are switching up there wardrobes, breaking out the sweaters, jeans and light scarves. Going to class has a whole new mood, and here is some inspiration.

Class always needs to be a little spiced up and this outfit does just that. This smock top that ties in the back adds a little twist to the everyday outfit. The ties can be tied loose or tight depending on a Fashionista’s style. It could even be worn with a pretty bralette or some beautiful jewelry that show off the back and bring some more attention to it. The black jeans are great for any occasion. They are comfy, a little loose and have some chic tears in them. Although it may be fall, you can still work up a sweat by walking to class or taking the stairs around the school, so it is always good to have a little extra air coming through on those in between cold and warm days. The sandals are completely perfect for the first few weeks of fall before it’s time to break out boots. They go great with long pants, skirts, shorts and jeans. They are universal with any outfit and are also very cute and stylish for all those Style Guru needs.

Rushing into your closet can be a mess over the next few weeks with midterms, work or just because you woke up late. This outfit is perfect for those days where time is limited, but you still want to look cute.