Can you believe it’s already fall? Freezing one day and hot the next, what is a Fashionista to do when the weather is this crazy! Until the temperatures officially go down, I will continue to wear flip flops and sandals. This Fashionista definitely agrees with me. She is trying to hold on to summer by wearing her favorite pair of sandals for as long as possible! Sooner or later, we will both have to put away those sandals for a good pair of riding boots!

This Fashionista started her look by buying the perfect denim shift dress. She got it on sale at Forever 21. She said it was a great investment, and she got a great deal on it. Denim is such a popular trend right now, so you can never go wrong with anything denim for any season! She added a very simple tan choker to match her shoes perfectly. If you don’t own a choker, you should really invest in one because it goes with everything! She also added a tote to hold everything she needs for her classes. She decided to use her classic print Louis Vuitton. Lastly, this Fashionista is trying to wear her favorite pair of Steve Madden tan sandals before it gets too cold. She completed the entire outfit with her Ray-Ban sunnies that she wears every day! She loves them and has them in blue as well.

This outfit is perfect for trying to look nice for class or even a casual internship or job. You can even wear a simple denim dress like this to brunch in New York City or for a peaceful day in your neighborhood. You can also wear this dress later into the fall season by adding a saddle colored riding boot and a matching leather jacket! This is a great outfit that allows you to change a few pieces and repeat it later in the season. You will be known as the best dressed on campus!