With crazy schedules and long breaks in between classes it becomes difficult to keep up with fashion and dressing stylish while still being comfortable. If you’re like me, you like to pick out what you’re going to wear the next day the night before, which gives me at least extra time hitting the snooze button. Organization is the key to getting anything done, especially when what you’re trying to get done is looking cute for class the next day!

Some outfits just aren’t suitable for sitting in hours worth of lectures and labs. This Fashionista doesn’t let a hectic schedule get in her way of wearing what she wants. She starts this look with a long gray top featuring a long slit up the side, which is great because it doesn’t matter if your classroom is cold or warm you can just throw a sweater over top and you’re ready for any temperature. Next the black ankle pants are perfect for any type of occasion. You can wear them to class like this Fashionista, or wear them to an interview with a great pair of flats and a cute top. The pants go great with the long slit in the top because you aren’t showing too much skin, which is definitely appropriate for class! Sometimes you only have a few minutes to make it to the next class, which means you definitely have to put some pep in your step! This Fashionista’s sandals work perfectly because they aren’t only comfortable, they’re super cute! Class is something we’ll always have to go to, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out different looks and show everyone your style!