Going to class in the morning is hard enough; so most of the time, looking cute is the last thing on a priority list, and comfort is at the top. However, some days you may feel like taking a break from your favorite pair of leggings and slouchy sweatshirt. If that day comes, this outfit is perfect if you don’t want to give up style for comfort.

Graphic T-shirts are seen pretty much everywhere in the fashion world right now, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of that. Band T-shirts are especially in, and I love it! They are pretty much a bedtime shirt that’s acceptable to wear in public. All you have to do is roll out of bed with this shirt on, and everyone will think it took you longer than ten minutes to get ready.

This Fashionista has on the newly classic Led Zeppelin T-shirt tucked into a pair of black holey jeans. Of course it had to be paired with a long choker, because honesty, why not?! For shoes, she has on a basic pair of black high-top Converse to keep the outfit a casual going-to-class look.

If you decide you don’t feel like giving up the comfort of your leggings, you can still put a graphic T-shirt with them (which will make them look just a little more chic); or, if you want to go out later that night, just throw on a pair of dressier shoes and a leather jacket, and you are good to go!