Classes are well underway and everyone seems to finally be settled in. This “back to school” phase at the start of a new semester is always a fun and exciting time! But our days are getting longer as we try to balance attending all our lectures, hanging out with friends, studying and remembering to call our parents every once in a while. Similarly, balancing comfort, practicality and style can be a challenge, especially when you’re half asleep as you get dressed for your 8:00 a.m. biology lecture.

This Fashionisto manages to look very stylish even when going through his daily routine of classes and study sessions. His vibe is definitely smart and cool as he rocks a classic T-shirt and jeans combo. The shirt is noticeably soft and breathable while the ripped skinny jeans make this look feel more polished but edgy. But let’s be honest—what could be more practical than your go-to pair of jeans for a jam packed day? The contrast of the darker t-shirt and the light wash jeans ensure that this look is great for summer or fall, no matter how the daily weather chooses to act.

The sneakers are definitely a key component for this look. This Fashionisto has chosen a sleek yet comfortable pair of adidas Ultra Boosts. I know my favorite pair of sneakers are the perfect shoes for taking on a busy day. The backpack is both versatile and practical, as it is really the most convenient way to carry essentials like your laptop, notebooks and probably some snacks.

This Fashionisto divulged that comfort was the most important factor to consider when planning for a long day of classes and studying. This element of comfort is definitely something that most, if not all, college students can identify with, and that’s what makes this look so perfect. Whether gearing up for four back-to-back classes, a long haul in the library, or an unplanned or unexpected event that your day might throw at you, this Fashionisto is ready for anything and everything.