Hello Fashionistas/os! After being back in school for a little over two weeks, sophomore year is definitely sinking in. From late nights to loads of coffee, it seems endless. However, the social aspect of being back on campus makes it all worthwhile. In between my classes, I love roaming campus and looking at everyone’s new wardrobe they’ve acquired over the summer. I find it interesting how others piece together their looks with different colors, textures and more!

Heading to my intro to media tech lecture, I ran into my friend and roommate (How RAD?) who was looking cute as always. What better way to admire her look than to write an article about it! What I love overall about her outfit is how chic, yet simple it is. As a college student, I find it important to always look presentable because you never know who you may run into!

With this look, she chose a nice, flowy black top that had a great detailing of flowers on the front. Since it has been so warm, the top works well to keep cool when getting to and from classes. She paired the top with light-washed jeans. I find this helps balance the look while still keeping it chic and casual. Keeping it fairly simple with the accessories, she paired a watch and a ring. This helped to make the detailed top the focal point of her look. As for her shoes (my favorite part), she went with black ankle boots to tie it all together. This outfit makes it easy to walk around campus while still remaining presentable.

Another way to make this an even more versatile look is to add a pair of black heels and a quick lipstick change. This can easily turn into a going-out ensemble! Let’s keep rocking our styles and have a RAD semester fellow Fashionistas/os!