College is an amazing place to express your individuality. As summer comes to a close for us quarter system students, we are slowly transitioning back into our busy schedules. While we can get caught up with the many things happening in our lives, it is important to remember that appearance and how you dress affects your image. With that in mind, the beginning of the school year is not an excuse to start throwing on some random clothes you find in your closet.

A busy lifestyle does not mean that there is no room to express yourself through fashion. In the images shown, this Fashionisto is dressed casually. A plain white V-neck paired with cut-off jeans is simple, but he threw in a plaid long sleeve around his waist to add some color into his outfit. Not only was the long sleeve added for style, it also has functionality. While the shirt and shorts are perfect for the summer heat, he can also put on the long sleeve to stay warm as the day progresses and the temperature drops. The sneakers provide for a comfortable stroll around a university, but they are also convenient for those back-to-back classes across campus.

This combination is perfect for a long day on campus because his outfit is comfortable and casual, yet he was able to include personal flair for style and functionality. But of course, don’t forget the timeless brown leather belt that matches well with any pair of bottom. And to top it all off, a pair of sunglasses help complete any look during a warm, sunny day.

These individual pieces of clothing are not extravagant, but investing time to express yourself and combining them in the right ways can turn ordinary into trendy!