The fall semester is up and running, and if your schedule is anything like mine, you have a full course load and some heavy extracurricular activities that are keeping you busy day and night. With a schedule that demanding, it’s hard to prioritize looking good for class, so I take note of casual cute outfits like this one.

This Fashionista combines feminine and punk elements to create an easy-to-throw-on ensemble that is perfect for the days when you’re in a rush but still need to look presentable. Her wrap crop top has a dainty floral pattern and side tie detail, giving this comfy top little interest elements. To go with her top, she chose a deep violet midi skirt. The color of skirt stands out against the other elements of her outfit and provides the perfect pop. The high waist of the skirt paired with the wrap of the top cinches her at just the right point, and the length gives her just enough room to show off those monochromatic sneakers. Her kicks give her that fun punk element and let her play around with the trend of skirts and dresses paired with sneakers. To top off this look, she adds a black velvet choker that lines up perfectly with her super chic hair. This outfit is simple and comfortable, making it perfect for class, and at the same time, plays with fun trends and small details that add interest elements for a put-together look.

As hard as the balance all of life’s responsibilities can be, it’s so easy to throw on a casual and cute outfit. Most of us are guilty of throwing on shorts and a big T-shirt for class time and again, but next time you’re reaching for that old sweatshirt, just remember that a simple, put-together outfit is just as easy and will make you feel twice as good.