Going to class at Western Kentucky University doesn’t involve much of a dress code. Everyone is usually in Nike running shorts and a fraternity T-shirt. So when I run across a girl in this kind of style, it immediately catches my attention. Being stylish is a lot of effort when all you want to do in the morning is roll out of bed and throw whatever is on top of the clean clothes pile. This Fashionista achieved the cute, but casual, look effortlessly.

Western Kentucky University is known for the campus that inclines all the way to the top of a hill, hence our mascot: the Hilltoppers. It often becomes difficult to be stylish when there’s a heat wave of 100 degrees and you can barely make it up that hill to your morning classes. This Fashionista, however, accomplished it flawlessly. Wearing a fantastic denim jumper and white T-shirt underneath she portrayed that casual “going to class” look. Hitting every trend, even the adidas sneakers for comfort and for flair, she covered all the basics for this year. She even tops it off with a subtle lace choker that adds a perfect pop of color to the outfit.

Not every student on our campus has eccentric taste in clothing, so there are always those who stand out. There are still individuals who really showcase who they are as a person and as an artist. They depict it through their style and that alone can really speak words to others. This Fashionista completely caught my eye and I’m excited to share her look with you.