September 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

It’s been pretty toasty the first few weeks of school here in Delaware, Ohio. Since our campus is not as big as some of the other state schools, walking across campus is part of the daily routine. I’m a big believer in looking presentable at all times (especially in class), so it is important to be fashionable while staying true to your own personal style.

Since it’s been pretty humid, the buildings on our campus that have AC in them love to blast it, and in some classrooms, it feels like you are in Antarctica. For her full day of classes on this humid and rainy day, this Fashionista paired some boho colorful, flowy shorts with a very soft, light, knitted pullover over a white bralette and finishing it off with her neutral suede Birkenstocks. Her outfit as a whole works very well; the pattern on her shorts is what the main focus of her outfit is. The color of the pullover matches perfectly with her Birkenstocks, pulling it all together by giving off a very comfortable look. The pullover look is perfect for those classes she may have that are located in the extra cold classrooms. This makes for a super easy and cute look to throw on before class.

The simplicity in this Fashionista’s choice of jewelry is key. Her Kendra Scott earrings are a light color that compliments her minimalist ring. This Fashionista gives her whole look almost a monochromatic look—if it wasn’t for the shorts. But that is what really works in this outfit!

Wanna be comfortable on a GNO but not look like you’re just going to class? Throw on a pair of brown booties with this look, and it will give it that upgrade for that day-to-night look you’re looking for! Or, if you like the Birkenstocks, trade the pullover for a neutral-colored crop top, and you are set to go!