Get your notebooks, highlighters and planners because it’s time for the fall semester to start! The beginning of a new school year is full of so much hope. I don’t know a single college student who hasn’t let the naivety of thinking “This is the semester I get my life together” creep into their minds. But, hey, maybe this is the morning you stop snoozing the alarm and work out like you’ve always talked about (I already know where I stand on that ambitious front).

Regardless of your mighty ambition, or lack thereof, a new semester brings endless new academic, social and style opportunities. Perhaps one of the best things about the beginning of the school year—from a fashion major’s perspective—is the fact that the winter winds haven’t yet blown everyone into a sweatpants and sweatshirt slump. People still care a bit about their appearance and are out studying in the sun sporting their best outfits.

This Fashionista is in the minority of students, maintaining a sense of true professionalism about her back to school style. A sleeveless top, complete with delicate scalloping along the hem, is basic but sharp. It’s a top that is far from boring while still being capable of making the rounds through your closet as a basis for a wide range of outfits. Because she chose to minimize her accessorizing elsewhere, a standout ring provides just the right amount of sparkle in the hot, Italian sun. Considering all this though, her pants are what bring this look to life. As we find ourselves in the moment of the culotte, it’s refreshing to see a tailored pair of skinny ankle pants, especially ones in such a fresh pattern. Though I wish I could link you all to the adorable pair of pants she’s wearing, it simply can’t be done. She made them! Though similar skinny trousers do frequent the sites of J.Crew, LOFT and the like if you are desperate for a pair.

I hope everyone has a great semester and can find a little style inspiration in their first days as you make your way across campus.