It’s back to school time. Yikes! Okay, to be fair, it can mean a lot of different things for different people. For seniors, it possibly means being busier than you’ve ever been, working on graduate school applications or trying to nail an interview and pin down a position for after graduation. For first year students, it is a time of major excitement and exploration. Returning second or third year students are used to the daily grind and just happy to be back with their friends at school again. Regardless of what stage you are at, back to school can be a great time to show your style.

Sure, it can be super tempting to head off to class in your pajamas, especially once syllabus week ends and the rigor of courses picks up. Resist the urge! There are endless ways to dress well without compromising comfort.

This Fashionista kept things fairly simple for the first week back on campus. Her plain white pocket T-shirt and black jeans provide a basic canvas. The white shirt keeps the look light and airy, after all, it is still summer. She is able to play with color with the accessories. Her infinity scarf adds interest to the top of her outfit. Her slip-on casual sneakers are super fun and practical for making the trek to campus and for whatever else the day may have in store.

Last minute plans to head out with the ladies after a long day of classes? No problem. This looks easily transitions to a night out by swapping out the sneakers for wedges and the scarf for a chunky necklace.