So you’re about to start a new school year. For some, it’s entering an unfamiliar, but exciting new era and for others, you’re continuing on your journey and are now pretty acquainted with all things college. Either way, it’s time for a fresh start and an excuse to shop a little more for back to school clothes. I mean, how couldn’t you when all you see are “back to school” sales?! Cute clothes for a great deal? Count me in!

This is the best time of year because it isn’t too hot and before you know it, it’s going to be fall (hello pumpkin-flavored everything). But before we get into sweaters and the changing of the leaves, we have to finish summer strong by rocking some of this season’s staples. Whether you’re going to class, day tripping somewhere or even just running errands, this Fashionista’s outfit shows the perfect balance between being comfy and stylish. High-waisted, ripped denim shorts are a must-have for warm weather. They pretty much go with everything and pull together your look for the “effortless, cool girl look.” Face it, we all want to look great without putting in much effort, and these shorts are an easy way to achieve that! She paired the shorts with a white quarter sleeve and bralette, making it perfect for the warmer temperatures.

Gladiator sandals have been the go-to summer shoe for a while now, and don’t have any intention of stopping anytime soon. The great thing about this Fashionista’s look is that she got a lot of bang for her buck. She was able to snag these black and white gladiators at Target for a really great price. Not everything you buy has to be $50 or more. It’s definitely important to pick certain items to splurge on, but there’s definitely ways to find a bargain and still get a quality product.

Speaking of spending a little more, she was rocking some Ray-Ban aviators. Like I said, it is all about balance. It is definitely worth it to sometimes go the extra mile to buy the designer glasses but also totally ok to go to your local Target and get a great-priced shoe. That is what I really appreciated about her look. She put all those items together and created a beautiful blend, emphasizing style over brand. You go girl!

As August comes to a close, that doesn’t mean your summer wardrobe has to end just yet. Take advantage of the rest of the warmer weeks! Start this academic year with a positive attitude and a passion for learning. Walk into your first class not only looking great, but feeling great. Good luck to everyone and stay stylish (without breaking the bank…okay maybe only sometimes)!