For the brief, approximately, two month period where we way upstaters get warm weather, it’s safe to say that time needs to be used wisely.  Bust out all shorts, short sleeves and sunglasses while you can before they’re sent home for fall break and replaced with gear appropriate for the bitter chill of both late fall and winter.

Jeans? Why wear them now? Jackets? Only if the classroom temperature is reminiscent of that of a freezer. Nevertheless, carpe diem. This Fashionisto is one after my own heart, and decided not to waste their time. Not only are the types of clothing appropriate for a breezy late summer day, but so are the colors!

Yellow is a bright color that just pops and the shirt even has blues and greens that act as an accent. The shoes keep it neutral as well as the denim shorts. That, including the rips, remind us that it’s not too cold just yet.

He also chose to accessorize with pieces—the watch and sunglasses—that included gold accents, which in my opinion warms the outfit up a little as well. I think that having something with those sort of hues brings in an element of the sun. Not saying that silver is reserved for winter because I definitely rock the silver rings all year round, but they’re just a bit cooler, temperature wise that is.

This outfit really plays with the idea that even though winter is coming fast, that doesn’t mean we have to dress in anticipation. You rock cut-offs as long as you can, because soon you’ll be wearing sunglasses because the snow is so bright.