First impressions matter. But by the end of week one of summer term, most of us have given up on looking put together. I don’t know about you but when I have an eight AM class, I can only seem to find my yoga pants and slouchy T-shirts—the same outfit worn for a Netflix binge over the weekend. Do you feel my struggle? Of course, we all have those off days where we dress down, but the struggle to put together a decent outfit for an eight AM on a summer day is simply the worst.

This Fashionisto does a fantastic job incorporating his outfit to express his identity while keeping himself comfortable for his eight AM classes. He styled a pair of raw denim with a comfy college T-shirt, showing off his home state of Minnesota. To accessorize his simple look, he added a black-faced watch that he bought from Animal Traffic, a store located in downtown Portland, Oregon. This military watch comes with three canvas bands in black, tan and olive. “It’s all about the art of not matching,” answers the Fashionisto when I asked him why he chose to wear the tan canvas band over the other colors. “If I wore khaki pants today, I wouldn’t have worn this tan band. Or if there was already olive in my outfit then I would go for the black band over the olive.”

What really stood out to me was how normal his jeans may seem, but there is a lot more to it than just a pair of dark denim. Retailing for $240, this pair of 3Sixteen raw, indigo denim features a raw selvedge and guarantees beautiful fading results over time. Those who are into raw denim understand the importance of breaking them in and allowing them to naturally fit to the body’s shape perfectly. These slim, tapered jeans are also unsanforized or “shrink-to-fit” denim. The Fashionisto suggests sizing up if you decide to get unsanforized jeans as they tend to lose about 1.5 inches in the waist and up to 2 inches of length on it’s first soak.

You may ask, why did these jeans stand out to me so much? These jeans may come off as another pair of dark-washed denim, just like how many may see the Fashionisto because of his low-key vibes. Yet there is so much more to these raw indigo-warp, black-weft denim, just like how big this Fashionisto’s personality is. Choosing an outfit is an easy way to express personalities. Never underestimate outfits; never underestimate personalities.

To finish off his simple, low-key outfit, he threw on a pair of white sneakers which are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any outfit. If you’re looking for an alternative to adidas Stan Smiths, these Chuck Taylor 2s are great to pair with any outfit.

One Simple Change: Switch out the college T-shirt for a button-up similar to this Frank and Oak shirt for a day to night look.