Every college student would agree that comfort is key. No one wants to sit through lecture after lecture in uncomfortable clothing. On the other hand, what Fashionista/o wants to compromise their style just for class? This Fashionista has mastered maintaining her studies without compromising her style.

The baggy T-shirt adds an effortless off-the-shoulder feel, which pairs nicely with the tightness of her adidas sweatpants. The white Nike Huaraches add a nice contrast with her all-black ensemble. These sneakers have become such a craze in streetwear and across college campuses. Nike Huaraches are stylish and comfy, which make a great addition to a student’s wardrobe. The nude Michael Kors tote is perfect for carrying all her class essentials, plus it adds a little pizzazz to the outfit with its lustrous texture. The choker and the bracelet help to incorporate her own personal touches without overshadowing her outfit’s casual vibe.

Black outfits with white shoes are a major fashion trend. This trend has been spotted from the streets of colleges to the red carpets of A-listed events. The major difference is that college students have swapped the LBD and white stilettos with a T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers. Although this would not be acceptable at the Grammys, it is perfect for class because of its comfortability and practicability. When it comes to clothing, these are a college student’s favorite words.

One Simple Change: For those days when the wind picks up on campus in the summer, that walk to class without an extra layer can become miserable and uncomfortable. Putting on an oversized hoodie adds that extra layer of protection without completely ruining your outfit.