The life of a college student can be hard, especially during the summer, and even more especially if you live in New York City. Not only is the weather suffering from raging hormones 24/7, you have a whole entire city filled with adventure at your fingertips, both of which make it particularly difficult to dress on a daily basis. And, for the cherry on top, add a summer class or two in the mix and “ Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

One thing that I have heard time and time again while living in the city over the summer is how to make an outfit wearable all day. It’s hard enough to find a lipstick that lasts all day, let alone the perfect outfit that can transition from day to night. For days I racked my brain, trying to find a solution. Until this Fashionista walked past me in the courtyard of my dorm and immediately I felt enlightened.

She had done the unthinkable. This Fashionista had successfully mastered the perfect day to night look and immediately I had to stop her to get the low down. Luckily, she happily obliged to divulge all of her stylish secrets.

For this Fashionista, every day starts with class but that doesn’t stop her from pounding the pavement of the city afterwards. So, obviously her outfit has to fit accordingly. When asked what her go-to item was, immediately she said her cutout leggings with mesh detailing from lululemon. For her its comfortable enough for class, but just edgy enough to compete with the epic street style that floods New York. By pairing the leggings with a graphic crop, it keeps the look monochromatic but also interesting. Her beautiful leather handbag is the final touch—big enough to hold all her items for class, but chic enough to wear even outside of the classroom.

This Fashionista is the epitome of what it means to successfully dress for class in a big city like New York City. No one said that you can’t be chic for class too.

One Simple Change: Need to fit in a quick gym session and don’t want to go home and change? Just pack your favorite tennis shoes in your purse and this outfit immediately becomes a workout outfit fit for a model.