Finally, the time of beautiful weather, longer days and colourful fashion are among us. Bye bye to the snow boots and snow plows and hello to a closet full of flowy dresses and bold, colourful statement necklaces. With the summer months upon us and spring term classes in full swing, it’s time to get in those books while sitting patio side. This is seriously the life!

I always find it much easier to do work when the sun is shining. There’s something about summer that’s just so motivating. I can definitely understand Olaf’s obsession with the season.

Apparently students are motivated to get to class during this season because I stopped this Fashionista as she was speed walking to her class. The thing that caught my attention, besides her beautiful necklace, was how casual yet stylish she seemed. Starting off with a classic pair of dark wash cropped skinny jeans from the Gap, a casual white striped sleeveless shirt and a black messenger bag from ALDO, this Fashionista had the perfect blank canvas to make elements of her outfit pop out.

As I said, this Fashionista was speeding through campus to get to class on time. She needed a pair of shoes that would allow her to do that while not impeding on the style she was going for. When you’re running late for class, the last thing you want to be wearing are dresses and heels, but you don’t want your style to suffer, right? For me, slip-on shoes allow for all the comfort and stability of a running shoe, but with a chic sense of style that running shoes just don’t have. These leopard slip-on shoes are an amazing way to add a fun print that doesn’t overpower a whole outfit. It also allows you to add more statement pieces without looking too done up.

Now for my favourite part of the outfit: The statement necklace. It’s the wow piece of this whole outfit, in my opinion. A statement necklace can literally take any otherwise basic outfit and add that extra glitz to spice it all up.

One Simple Change: Switch out the slip-on shoes for a pair of brown, strappy heels and you’ve taken this outfit from running late for class to getting brunch with some girlfriends.