Summer is a time to sit back, relax and forget about all known responsibilities until school starts back up in the fall. That is unless you’re a college student. In which case you’re either taking summer classes, working a part-time job, or getting a taste of adulthood with an internship in your field of study. And if you’re a lucky soul like me, it’s all of the above!

The older I get, the more responsibilities are piled on my plate. If it was up to me I would choose to pass on this whole thing they call “adulting” and go back to the good ol’ days of exploring the depths of my imagination and tirelessly playing ball with the neighborhood kids until sunset. Before I know it, my dad will soon be cutting me off from his credit card, phone bill and insurance plan (yikes)!

However, I will say one thing I do love about growing up is keeping touch with the constant change in fashion trends among my peers and finding what truly expresses not only my personality, but also what’s age appropriate. As I get ready to head into the real world, I notice that my closet has slowly shifted from casual attire to business attire. I’m soaking in my last few months of living the college lifestyle and picking up the last few fashion trends around campus before I start a clean slate elsewhere.

This ensemble here makes for a perfect transition to adulthood. It’s classy and sophisticated, yet bold and fun. This Fashionista paired this red, patterned dress with a classic pair of low-top Converse sneakers and a Michael Kors laptop carrier for a busy day on campus.

Dressing for class doesn’t have to be boring. Simple dresses like this one look effortless and allows an easy way to beat the summer heat. The Converse sneakers keep the outfit casual and appropriate for long walks. As for the bold red laptop carrier, it can add a statement of color to just about any outfit.

One Simple Change: Switch the Converse shoes out for a pair of flats for a day at the internship. The outfit will still be fun and expressive, but also more appropriate for a work setting!