Classes in the summer can be somewhat of a bittersweet experience. They’re bitter in the sense that they take place in one of the best seasons of the year. Yet they are also sweet in that they are way more laid back as to how classes were in the fall. This laid back mood can be felt all over campus especially in how students dress. This Fashionista is proof that you don’t need to be decked out to the nines to look great on the way to class in the summer.

I stopped this Fashionista due to the cool, sporty vibe she was giving me. Here she pairs a simple black tank top along with some black adidas short shorts. These shorts reminded me of the kind NBA players used to wear in the ’70s. For shoes she continued with the retro vibe by rocking a pair of classic, white Converse low tops. However, the real MVP of her outfit would have to go to her amazing baby pink Stüssy windbreaker. This jacket goes with her outfit perfectly as it ties the whole thing together. It not only offers a pop of color to her otherwise neutral look, but also gives her a cool street vibe. It’s also perfect for summer due to its lightweight material. It keeps her nice and breezy while walking to class, but can still keep her warm when the AC turns on during her boring lecture.

One Simple Change: Rocking a simple on-the-go outfit like this Fashionista, but want take it to nighttime for a girl’s night out? Simply change from black short shorts to light denim high-waisted jeans. The high-waist helps bring out your natural curves while the light wash adds an additional pop of color!