Deciding what to wear towards the end of the semester can be rough. Winter is over and spring is winding down as well, and it’s really starting to feel like summer. The only problem is that it’s starting to get really hot and dressing for class is becoming more difficult. You will want to be comfortable, but still look appropriate and stylish. This Fashionista has just the outfit to wear to class on those super warm days.

This Fashionista wears a cute printed summer dress, which serves as the main focus in her outfit. This fun print is made up of small ice cream cones in pastel pinks, greens and yellow hints of color. The dress has a cinched waist and a V-neck cut that flatters this Fashionista. She tops the dress off with a classic denim jacket. Denim is perfect for spring and into summertime—a must in anyone’s wardrobe.

A denim jacket is also perfect if you have an early morning class and it’s still a little chilly outside. Once the sun is out later in the morning, you can slip the jacket off and be just as stylish. This Fashionista also has interesting accessories, including a pair of large floral print sunglasses and clear drop earrings. She finishes her ensemble with a pair of blue and gold sandals. This is a cute and simple outfit that will get you through those last days of classes. Plus, unique accessories make it so much more fun getting ready in the morning, especially if you have an 8:00 a.m. class.

One Simple Change: Going to brunch with friends before heading to class? Add a fun purse with a pop of color.