Every morning we wake up and have a choice to make. Do I want to take the time and dress up for class? Or do I want to throw on leggings and an oversized shirt and walk out the door last second? Most are likely to choose the latter. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have an outfit as comfortable as those leggings and T-shirt to throw on and go with seconds to spare? Trade in those leggings for your favorite pair of jeans and that T-shirt for a laid back blouse or sweater.

Brescia is a small campus and it’s rare that you see the same style twice. This fashionista has a style of her own. More often than not, I see this Fashionista walking to class in something that is more fashion-forward from a distance, but up close is just as comfy as the leggings or sweats hanging in her closet. It’s something you may have seen before, but with her own personal twist.

This outfit is dressed up just enough to stand out in the classroom and she did a great job of putting the pieces together. I’m not one to mix any shade of red and green, but the olive military coat and burgundy Converse go together better than I would ever expect. The scarf adds to the outfit with the print and keeps it simple with the color.

One Simple Change: For an outfit like this, there are multiple things that could be changed to dress it up or dress it down. When graduation rolls around, you can easily swap the military coat out for a blazer and the Converse for some nice flats. This way you can watch your friends graduate or sit and listen to the speech for your class in comfort. Another change could be for that late morning breakfast after a long night with friends. You wake up and take a brunch trip with the people from the night before. Change your outfit completely by simply swapping the scarf out for a necklace and put on a beanie to cover last night’s hair.