March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Monday: the most dreaded day of the week. The nostalgic feeling that hits after what seemed to have been such a short weekend, granted it’s only two days. Struggling to get out of bed causes many to flock to sweats and a T-shirt, especially guys. However, to my dismay, I was strolling around campus on a Monday and I was pleasantly surprised to see a Fashionisto out ruling this stigma. His bright, trendy and charming style was a happy treat on such a gloomy day.

With the weather gearing more towards spring it is evident that individuals are a bit more cheerful. Spring fever is in the air. Saying goodbye to those bulky winter jackets and welcoming in light airier pieces has never been easier, especially for this Fashionisto. He used the warmer weather to his advantage, as he opted for a light, stylish vest that was the perfect shade of orange to accompany his super trendy blue shoes. The brightness of these two pieces bodes well with his charming style and eclectic personality. To round out the overall aesthetic of his appearance, he added various statement accessories that pulled the look together. His mirrored sunglasses added a touch of cool to his outfit, with their vibrant rainbow reflective lenses. As if the sunglasses weren’t cool enough, he sported an iconic Burberry watch, that emulated the essence of his overall personal style.

Fashionistos don’t get half as much credit as their Fashionista counterparts, but they should! It is always so invigorating to see Fashionistos embracing their inner style and fashion personalities around campus. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone who is full of impeccable style and remarkable taste.

Fahsionistos deserve recognition too! They are the face of men’s fashion. In a day and age where individuals have discredited the impact of men’s fashion, it is time that they show the world that they too have style. They may be more limited in their options, but this sure doesn’t discount their right to rock a trend. Men do have consideration and awareness when it comes to being fashionable and they too can tailor what they chose to wear to their own style. Men’s fashion is starting to gain a better appreciation and recognition and if it weren’t for Fashionistos like this, such a change could have never been achieved. He certainly showed us how he incorporates fashion into his everyday life, with his bold eclectic style.

One Simple Change: Not as bold and outlandish as this Fashionisto? Swap the bright, bold pieces for more natural and subdue ones that are sure to encompass your own personal style. Tailoring the look to what appeals to you will surely help arouse your confidence and it will definitely catch the attention of your fellow classmates!