March 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Most people don’t wake up for an 8:00 a.m. class inspired, or excited about styling their OOTD. Most people wake up in the Nike shorts and T-shirt they put on to sleep in, add a pair of neon tennis shoes, some dry shampoo and throw last night’s curls up in a “what is life” bun. If you ever catch a glance in a mirror or look down when your brain finally starts its day and wish you had turned on the lights or picked up a brush, this article is for you. What if there was another low-effort, less regretful option for putting together your early morning outfits?

This Fashionista has married easygoing and “appreciate my effort”. Her patch jeans and T-shirt are comfortable, simple and cool. Boyfriend jeans may just be God’s gift to a lazy girl. With a sporty jacket and stark white adidas, you couldn’t tell her from a BP campaign. To dichotomize her sporty-girl image, she adds a quaint beaded headband for femininity. This headband adds intention to her last-night’s-curls ponytail.

Leaving on her everyday fit bit and athletic watch, this early-rising Fashionista has little time for extra accessorizing and a long practical school day ahead. She throws on low key sunglasses and a few go-with-the-flow necklaces.

Everyday can’t be styled by Monica Rose but if you’re one of the Nike shorts victims, a few days a week, challenge yourself to a pair of boyfriend jeans and a Mossimo T-shirt.

One Simple Change: Switch the jeans and T-shirt for a dress and you’re on your way to get your brunch on with some avocado toast or a French omelette.