March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

What to wear to class is always the constant struggle of comfortability versus appearance. You stayed up late finishing that paper…but there’s also a chance you’ll sit next to the cutie in your 8:00 a.m. Decisions, decisions. Or is it? More and more students are achieving the impossible: a perfect mixture of the two. This Fashionista has put together a look that is bright and colorful, as well as delightfully chic. She is not only comfortable enough to trek the hills of Knoxville to conquer class, but look good while doing it.

The key to this look is the bright red plaid. She takes fairly unassuming colors and uses them to frame the colorful piece in her outfit to really make it pop: tones of browns and blacks, in addition to her light jeans. The hues of browns of her handbag go really well with the ones on her shoes. They are pleasant pieces but don’t draw away from the main focus.

This is a casual look that can go from day time class to a night out with friends, as well. College is full of the unexpected and the more versatile your look, the better off you will be. There are also multiple layers to her outfit, so she doesn’t have to worry about freezing in a classroom or sweating and ruining her look. She masterfully creates an outfit that is comfortable yet ridiculously cute. This Style Guru applauds her and is definitely going to take a page out of her book!

One Simple Change: This is a look for the ages. Plaid is usually associated with more relaxed, casual looks. However, if you match it with a loose up-do or a nice skirt of modest length, you can transform your plaid to a look ready for brunch! Really pack a punch by including a pair of heels and bold earrings.