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March 17th, 2016 at 2:07am

We’re finally hitting the halfway point in the semester, which means midterms are on their way to terrorize students across America once again. At this point in the year, most college students are almost all the way through, which can lead to a lack of motivation for many. As we step into the final stretch, it’s important to refresh our minds and bodies in order to finish out a successful semester.

This lack of motivation can touch all aspects of our lives, especially our wardrobes, but it’s important to remember that looking good really does help us feel good. It can be difficult to make the time to put effort into our outward appearance when we’re stressing about the two projects and four homework assignments due next week, but it can be as simple as investing in one statement piece to add to our wardrobes to help us feel put together.

This Fashionista proves that even with the simplest of outfits, it’s easy to look effortless going to class. In the look above, she pairs a simple T-shirt with a pair of olive skinny jeans. To finish off the outfit, she wears black lace-up flats and then tops it off with a chic navy coat. This look is so versatile for many different occasions but is still comfortable enough for sitting through class (while still looking trendy).

One Simple Change: After finishing up with classes for the day, it’s easy to take this look from day to night. Just swap out the T-shirt for a cute sleeveless top for a night on the town!